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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:


Q: Can I install the product myself?

A: Yes. We have included a user manual with complete installation instructions. We will also waive the installation fee.


Q: Is the warranty still valid if I install the product myself?

A: Yes. The warranty is still valid if the product has been proven to be defective and not due to installation error.


Q: Is Kiloenergy International's motion sensor waterproof?

A: No. Like most electrical appliances, our motion sensor is not waterproof. As such, we advise our customers to only install them indoors and away from water prone areas.


Q: Can animals or pets at home trigger the motion sensor?

A: No. It is highly remote as our motion sensor is tuned to detect people-sized movements.


Q: Is Kilosaver compliant to SCDF's requirements for emergency lighting system?

A: Kilosaver is compliant to SDCF's standards. Depending on the circuitry of the emergency lighting system, Kilosaver can be installed to comply to SCDF's requirements. Kindly contact us for more details.